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Learning teaching training activities (LTTA)

C1: Short-term joint mentors training event for conducting the Mentorship program

From 30 May to 2 June 2023, the 2nd Greenworal Meeting was held at the Riga Technical University in the capital of Latvia, focusing on the mentoring part of the project, which is an Erasmus+ project for green entrepreneurship of women in rural areas.

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C2: Short-term training event for sharing experiences about the Mentorship program

A group of women entrepreneurs from Cyprus, Latvia and Spain have visited Drogheda as part of a European Commission Erasmus+ funded “green entrepreneurship” project to train and mentor women in rural areas. Thirty-six women received training and mentoring to support their business ideas through a programme called Greenworal. Last week, workshops were held at The Mill Business Centre in Drogheda from 20-24 November 2023.

TU Dublin and The Mill teamed up to host the women, who stayed at the hotel during their stay in Drogheda. During their stay in the area they will visit businesses and cultural attractions near Drogheda. Some of the women’s ideas include an organic almond farm powered by natural energy, biodegradable food bags for hikers and a woman who makes jewellery from fried fruit.

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