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Module 1: Digital Skills

This resource has been created with the aim of providing women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to develop basic digital skills and promote the growth of business projects that contribute positively to the environment and their communities.

Module 2: Green entrepreneurship

The objective of this part of the toolkit is to enhance sustainability literacy (knowledge, skills and mindset) and relate these skills to entrepreneurial idea planning and execution. The resources will guide you to explore why and how you can start and run your business in a way that is not only sustainable but also regenerative in the approach.

Module 3: Business

The general objective of the module is to provide strategies and resources to any woman who wants to take the first steps with her business initiative and learn more about the success factors particularly in rural areas. This module will allow to develop a skillset to grow a new business idea by implementing both conventional and innovative tools and methodologies and using a sustainable business management approach.

Module 4: Soft skills

The general objective of the module is to provide resources that allow improving and expanding the most important soft skills in entrepreneurship. To deal with entrepreneurial challenges, people need to strengthen their knowledge, develop relevant skills, and transform new ideas into sustainable solutions for the common good.