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  • Education package on green entrepreneurship in the new post-COVID scenario for rural women

    Design and implementation of an innovative educational package aimed at training adult rural women in green entrepreneurship in the new post-COVID scenario. All educational materials will be designed and developed to be implemented based on a blended scheme, partially online through an e-Learning platform and partially face-to-face through weekly workshops to reinforce concepts and monitor the learning progress made by the participants. All materials will be deployed with the purpose of applying the "Scrum" methodology. This innovative educational package will be field-tested through a pilot experience developed in the four countries involved in the project in order to improve it and obtain a final version that can be easily exportable and transferable to other geographical contexts and European rural areas.

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  • Mentoring program to empower green women entrepreneurs in rural areas

    Design and implementation of a mentoring program to accompany and encourage those adult women from rural areas who are willing to start their own green businesses. In this way, the partners will design a complete common and shared methodology for the program and will select a group of mentors, meeting a series of agreed criteria, who will accompany the adult rural women in their first steps in their entrepreneurial adventures within the green sector. Thus, after completing the training stage, the women participants will undergo a second stage of mentoring, and accompanied by the mentors will be able, based on an idea, to design their green business model, acquire the personal and technical skills necessary for its development and analyze its viability. Thus, the mentoring will allow these rural women to gain as much autonomy as possible, contributing to the successful implementation of their business ideas.

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  • Toolkit on green entrepreneurship for rural women

    Develop a Green Entrepreneurship Toolkit that provides strategies and resources to any woman who wants to take the first steps with her entrepreneurship and learn more about success factors, particularly in rural areas. The toolkit will be developed to support end users (women from rural areas interested in starting their business in the green sector) in a practical and clear way to succeed in the start-up process, manage their business and guide strategic decisions. by using tailor-made tools and templates or by referencing existing external content and other useful resources.

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