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Module 1: Digital Skills for Green Entrepreneurs

This resource has been created with the aim of providing women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to develop basic digital skills and promote the growth of business projects that contribute positively to the environment and their communities.  Digital skills are a cornerstone of green entrepreneurship in the modern era. From promoting sustainable products and services online to efficiently managing resources through specialized digital tools, mastering these skills is essential for success in the field of green and sustainable entrepreneurship. Through a series of seven (7) units loaded with practical resources, you are invited to explore the basic digital skills that allow women entrepreneurs to advance their projects with confidence and determination.

Module 2: Sustainability Literacy for Green Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of sustainability and how it applies to green entrepreneurship, follow the units in this module to learn more. Broken down into seven (7) distinct units, ranging from introduction to sustainability to doughnut economics to climate change and the circular economy. Units provide context and explanations of each of these concepts, as well as activites, reflections and exercises to help you to learn more about these important topics. Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to think about how sustainability considerations can be factored into your business plans in a tangible and actionable way. Throughout each unit, you will find links to useful resources, including readings, videos and other materials to build on your learning. Click on the links below to learn more.

Module 3: Business Skills for Green Entrepreneurs

This module offers strategies and resources to any woman who wants to take the first steps with her business initiative and learn more about the success factors particularly in rural areas. Follow the five units to develop a skillset to grow your new business idea by implementing both conventional and innovative tools and methodologies and using a sustainable business management approach.  In this module, you will learn how to develop creative ideas; deliver value-creating activity, and define priorities.  At the end, you will have experienced all the elements required to create a business model and business plan.

Module 4: Soft Skills for Green Entrepreneurs

This module provides the resources that will allow you to improve and expand the most important soft skills in entrepreneurship.  To deal with entrepreneurial challenges, people need to strengthen their knowledge, develop relevant skills, and transform new ideas into sustainable solutions for the common good. This module focuses on the basic soft skills for entrepreneurs, and it aims to enhance people and teams’ skills. The six (6) units in this module range from communication, leadership, team building and negotiation skills, to personal effectiveness in time management, problem solving and decision making. Learners will discover a set of skills necessary for the development of an entrepreneurial mind that allows people to act and transform ideas and opportunities into value in a sustainable way. 


The purpose of a Mentorship program is to provide a nurturing environment for women entrepreneurs to support their business visions. Carefully selected and matched mentors can lend expertise, depending on the particular needs of the women entrepreneurs, to ensure a personalized approach to mentorship. Click on the link, where you will find a document that offers guidelines for trainers and training / entrepreneurship organisations who wish to implement the Greenworal programme and provide support to their participants through the vehicle of Mentorship. These guidelines are designed to be used in parallel with the Greenworal programme training modules (1 – 4).


Are you a trainer planning to delivery the Greenworal programme to entrepreneurs in your region? If so, use the links provided to find trainer materials, one for each unit. Each trainer’s guide provides details of the exercises and activities used to support the programme. These trainers guides should be used in conjunction with the Greenworal programme training modules (1-4).